About me

Hey, this is me ANmar (Capital A and Capital N), also known as XLMan, VBAXLMan and XLBro, or lately DrASCII, it looks like, I am an Excel-guy duh!!!.
Driven by results, fast-learning, and above all an Excel addict and a workaholic at the same time.

Since 1996 when I first sat in front of a Windows 95 screen, I start thinking of developing, and after few months, started doing that actually. mainly developing tools and systems using Microsoft Excel and VBA, I am still enjoy creating new projects and solving issues or questions by my clients or online forums.
Since 1997 when Excel was known as Excel97, I spent a lot of time teaching myself Excel formulas then VBA in Excel, and at the same time teaching others what he learned. It turned out that I am learning from my students more than they learn from me, this could be either because I am bad teacher (which I am sure I am not), or I am a better student than mine :-)

Starting from creating huge customized systems to small quick easy macros to fix daily issues. Learning did not stop, working directly with clients and end users added to my experience what needed to understand what users want and need.
You can tell that easily when you see my personal site talks more about work rather than personal life.

And I enjoy it very much, I am lucky to find work that is actually fed from my hobby, same as my hobby and actually enjoying it.

It is all about experience: Since I did a lot of projects for huge number of clients, it gives me experience to deal with clients requests and thoughts.

When work = personal life: I don't think I am the first one, I do have one laptop that is for work and pleasure in the same time, it proves that I love what I do and in the same time that I am working all the time.

Arabic poetry: Believe it or not, there was a while when I used to write Arabic poetry, it was all my Arabic teacher's fault, he really made it look like I can do it, he was kind of a writer, and when I red his, I was saying that I can do it too (View my Arabic poetry page).
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