He is true gem for Excel VBA community and deserves MVP from Microsoft

Kanahaiya Kumar

Sep, 2019 Bangalore, India

ANmar is enthusiastic to help others and find solutions to problems. Not only has he helped hundreds of clients with their individual needs,

Kelly Clark

Mar, 2019 Chicago, Illinois

I called ANmar and asked him if this is doable? He replied : “Don’t ask me if it’s doable, Ask me how long it will take to have it ready?”.

Ali Alani

Jan, 2019 Chicago, Illinois

ANmar is fun to work with and has been an absolute magician with some very complex Excel work he's done for me.

Tim Seaberg

Jun, 2018 Dallas, Texas

He has an infectious drive to succeed, striving for practical solutions to often difficult problems

Timothy Santon

Jan, 2018 Chicago, Illinois

Thank you so much for helping me with Excel last week at the CRC. I really appreciated your help with my technology questions.

Jennifer Kern

Oct, 2016 Chicago, Illinois

I truly enjoyed talking with you and learning from you. You have inspired me to immerse myself in the wonders of Excel.

Michele Ann Olsen

Sep, 2016 Chicago, Illinois

In regards to the qualities that he demonstrated in our time working together. I was impressed with the way that Anmar quickly understood the project requirements

Eliud Saldívar

Sep, 2015 Jackson, Michigan

It works perfect. Before this tool I used other 2 tools and also few websites to search on entire craigslist but the results were very very bad.


Jul, 2015 Online, USA