What have I done wrong?
Have you seen someone enjoying sitting in front of his computer rather than go out for Friday night?
Have you seen someone having his joyful time working with numbers, cells and excel formulas rather than playing video game?

Well that one is me, I am the kind of guy that would leave the party to sit down on any computer to fix some new ugly spreadsheet problem requested by some one in another country.

Trust me, my relationship with these machines are ruining my social life, and kind of like it this way...
I am not saying i hate parties, but my most joyful time is with computers, believe me when i say, it is me who have been called the excel guru (yes I also smell echo here)
Try me, for free, if you don't like my work, forget it, I will even pay you the time you spend with me.

Why you didn't hear about me before? Simply because I wasn't here, I just came into us last year as new immigrant. I was "the legend" back there in my home country, people were coming across the country to take my classes, so why i left my country? you will understand once you know from where i am.

I don't want to tell you my story here, but you need to know what is the background of this guy before you trust him, right?.
I am currently not working in excel field, but because i can not live without it, I am searching for some work in excel, it is my life, my love, my passion, have you heard about excel friend? well that is me, excel is like my girlfriend, my second soul, my beloved son.
So please if you have something really challenging, call me.
I love getting projects in excel and teaching how to solve issues
If you have simple issue, I would love to work it for you, and when i say love, i mean love, that feeling that you have when you see your soulmate, I found my soulmate here in my computer, and it is called excel
Yes, it is I , the one that knows every single tiny thing in excel,
And believe it or not, i love teaching them to others.
I would work out your problem in excel, show you how to do it or give you the entire class about it.
I have nothing to hide, nothing to keep for myself, i am teaching everything i know, and it turns that i know a lot.
So you can either show me your problem and I will fix it for you
Or ask me to show you how to fix it
Small problem? Little issue with some data you have? Big project you have in mind? Full class to learn how to run this application you just bought?
You name it, Anything related to excel
Here is "the VBAXLMan" in Austin to show it to you
Use me before I might move to NY to find that ugly job with numbers that everybody hates.
I even feel that I am wasting my time writing this and should cancel this ad and go back to my love, excel
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